Thursday, July 26, 2012

Harrison in June

Pearls and trucks

First raincoat

I moved out of my infant carseat and into Addie's carseat!

First haircut - no crying!

He loves his "Boos" - wearing them on his hands

First splash park

I can still fit in a toy stroller!
AHHHH!!!  I looked back on all of my documentation of Addie and realized that I make a blog entry about her every month after she turned 1 year.  Sorry Harrison - Mommy is not as ambitious as she used to be.  Hope you don't mind!  You are still a very well documented baby.  Just think - Lennon will be even less :)  So Harrison has been growing by leaps and bound.  As I am writing this post it's already the end of July and he will be 18 Months!!!!!!  In June - Harrison was really starting  to turn into a true toddler.  He was starting to say more meaningful words, learning  body parts, singing tunes, and doing tons of noises with his mouth (my favorite was the car noise :) )  He was trying to use his words more to communicate his needs/wants instead of crying.  He was growing teeth like crazy and had his first haircut.  He was more interactive with his sister and they were finally growing into true playmates.  His imaginative play and parallel play was taking off and he really liked playing with trucks just as much as dressing up like a princess :)  He was still on the small side - still wearing 12 month clothes.  His silly side was definitely emerging as he loved to put anything over his head and get a laugh out of everyone.  The best part was that he was still snuggly and loveable and still a Mama's boy.  He's the best!!!!!!



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