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Advocare Challenge MAX PHASE Days 11-24

 Congratulations!!!  You are finished with the Cleanse Phase of Advocare.  Hopefully you are seeing the changes in your body and in your energy levels.  You are now entering the Max Phase of the Challenge.  Please read your manual as the amount of supplementation goes up and please let me know if you have any questions at all about how this new schedule works with your work day.  This is the SET schedule for the next 2 weeks - nothing changes.  So once you get used to it - it should become quite routine!!!! In fact, other than the pills that you take - you might find that you adopt this schedule from here on out!  The information below is right out of a manual - so read up!!! It can be a little tricky...

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Max Phase

The next step in the 24 day challenge is a 14 day MAX phase. The 14 day MAX phase is designed to help fuel your body with core nutrition, increase your energy level, control appetite, and shed unwanted pounds and inches. These 14 days helps to put your metabolism back on the right track and pushes your body into an intense “fat burning” mode.


Ideally you want to continue eating similarly to how you ate for the first 10 days. This may have been difficult for some people but you only have two weeks left so you need to stay strong with your conviction to make yourself a healthier person. Technically you can ease some restriction if you want. If not having coffee is killing you then you can slowly re-introduce small amounts of coffee to your body. If you really want to have an alcoholic drink on the weekend then you can have a little bit. Just be smart about what you ingest. If you drink beer, make it a light or low carb beer. If you drink liquor, don’t mix it with a sugary substance. And make sure you drink your alcoholic beverages in moderation.

Additionally, you can have a small amount of dairy now also if you prefer. The meal replacement has some dairy and you will be having one of those per day now. We do recommend that you slowly reintroduce dairy into your diet. For example, on the first day just have the meal replacement shake. If you get gas or an upset stomach then you might be part of a large group of people who have small allergies to dairy without even knowing it. If this is the case then research it further and talk to your physician.



During the max phase you will change your supplementation up. Each day you will be taking a strip of supplements which will look similar to the image shown to the right. Each packet is clearly labeled about when to take them but you do have the choice on taking some of them at lunch or at breakfast. What doesn’t change is that everyday when you wake up in the morning you should take the packet that says to take 30 minutes before breakfast. Wait the 30 minutes and then eat your breakfast. There are two packets which you can take with breakfast or with lunch. I always take both at breakfast just so I do not forget later. You should probably just split them up the first day and see how you feel. Then take them together the second and see if you notice a difference. The last thing you need to remember is to take the 4th packet 30 minutes before lunch.

To Recap:

1 packet 30 minutes before breakfast
1 packet 30 minutes before lunch
The other two (2) packets with lunch or breakfast.

Meal Replacement Shakes:

Chocolate-Mocha1In addition to these supplement packs, you will also continue to take your Omega Plex at dinner. The only other difference in the max phase is that you have a meal replacement shake that you can take now also. You can take this as your breakfast - however it is meant to replace ONE meal.  So if you are a breakfast person - then you can have it for lunch.  Just make sure that each day it replaces one meal.  Pretty simple!  And to spice things up - you can now blend it with almond or coconut milk and fresh berries or bananas!!!

For the last 14 days make sure you continue to exercise and eat as clean as possible. By the end of the challenge you should have increased energy levels, a smaller waist line and better athletic performance.

And finally - My FAVORITE FIND FOR THE MAX PHASE!!!  At TARGET in the new year health section/super-sized packaging of items - atthebackofthestore- stuff....$12.99!! It can hold 2 powers and all your pills for the day!

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